Why Men Kill, A Story of Transformation

"Why Men Kill & Why They Don't Have To" 

"How the process of true spiritual transformation takes place."

This story catalogues what it means to be a "Sentinel  or follower of Christ."  It's describes the process by which true spiritual transformation takes place and how  God reveals Himself in our adversity difficulties and struggles.  Its also the story of how our past life and mistakes can be overcome through the love of God.  Its not a read for the fainthearted nor conventional in its transparency of the transforming work God's Spirit does on the human heart.

This journey is dedicated to the thousands of men, women and children victimized by the family court system and those disappointed by life when what they hoped falls apart with everything else. The story will help answer questions on how a Christian is called to respond to diminishing morals in difficult times without bitterness  - JP Grier