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TORTURED FOR CHRIST RICHARD WURMBRANDT,  Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of The Martrys VOM spent over 14 years in communist prisons suffering with his family for his faith.  This is a sobering and convicting look at ourselves and the church as Wurmbrand shares his "supernatural love' for his persecuters.

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BONHOEFFERER, PASTOR, STUDENT, SPY  - ERIC METAXAS, This is well researched and a must have for students of Bonhoeffer.  Well documented and puts human face on the man of faith and his journey to become one of the most influential Christians of the 20th century. 


BORN AGAIN, CHARLES COLSON, The story of Charles Colson founder of Prison Fellowship MInistry. Charles Colson was the personal counsel of Richard Nixon and was convicted as part of the Watergate Scandal.  Colson's trials and sufferring and incaceration brought him face to face with faith and led to the formation of the worlds most well known ministry to men and women who are incacerated.

JUST AS I AM, BILLY GRAHAM,  This book chronicles over 50 years of Billy Graham's life from his conversion to his meetings with nearly every President in the last 60 years.  It's a great read that helps understand how Graham's simple trust in God put him in the forefront of Christianity and establised the legacy now carried on by his children.  The Book inspires one from the point of showing how trust in the improbable is the way God chooses to work among men and women.

LEGACY OF FAITH, RUTH GRAHAM,  This is a behind the scenes look at the real man Billy Graham written by his youngest duaghter.  It is tender and thought provoking in it's presentation of Billy Graham as a father and the impact a man of Christ can have on his children.  Highly reccomended for fathers.