How to be a certified lay counselor


Caring For People God's Way

Are You Ready to Take Your Impact to the Next Level?... 

One of the essential steps in having a effective impact is through training.  SFC's Lay Counselor Certification is done in conjunction with the AACC's Lighthouse Universtiy Certification Porgram to help you in your ministry to others.  Lay Counselors are Disciples who have decided to augment their skills with training that can make the difference in reaching someone where it                                                                   matters; on their level from their perspective.

How Certification Can Help

Counseling and Mentoring is at an all time high as a need in the church.  Pastors and leaders simply don't have the time to invest in more than a few discipleship relationships which is the key to spiritual growth.  Trained lay counselors are in the position to serve as mentors and support staff with new members and those who who might be facing personal difficulties or desiring growth.  Volunteer Lay Counselors are the arms and ears of Christ.

Those serving in Prayer Ministries as well as Visitation and Outreach know all to well whats it's like to participate in turning points in the life of others.  How do you respond with Biblically based wisdom that supports God's intent for their life? Certification provides the skills to be an effective listener and recognize when someone might be nearing crisis and suggest appropriate referral.

Leaders Understand People, and the diversity of those God has placed in their care.  Lay Counselor Certification will help you relate to others culturally and from a worldview perspective as Paul did in Acts Chapter 17.  In ministry "one size never fits all" and certification will help you appreciate others, accepting them to help your church body deal with spiritual wounds while promoting healing and unity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certification  is through the American Association Of Christian Counselors.  The course is 16 weeks and requires attendance weekly for 90 minutes at an interactive class facilitated by a professional counselor. The Cost is 185.00 dollars.  Students are required to register and log in weekly at the AACC's website and complete corresponding exams for credit. All fees are paid to the American Association of Christian Counselors.  SFC does not manage nor profit from the students experience financially. 

Those obtaining certification are Highly Encouraged to consider membership with the AACC for continuing education support and professional development. Students are also encouraged to be participant members of a local church and seek to work in conjunction with existing ministries and to continue to develop their gifts  SFC can assist students in developing a local ministry in conjunction with a church upon request.