Healing from brokeness and wounding.


Recovering From Brokenness or Trial... 

What ever it is life produces profound loss, relational loss is tough... even under the best circumstances. Your redefining everything, maybe your single?  How to parent? finances and for some the tedious process of using the courts. Everythings on the table and sometimes overwhelming.  One of the focuses of SFC is to help people recover from wounding breaking free of the past to flourish in a relationship with God, and others and in the relationships that compose our lives.  Many have travelled through divorce, loss or trial by several years, some are just starting the journey.  All of us have come to believe the trials in life dont define us, they can refine us into something stronger which requires a change in our perspective and a willingness to lay aside the old and embrace... tenaciously the new.

Solution Based Counseling & Encouragement

SOLUTION BASED COUNSELING  Solution Based Counseling (SBC) is exactly what it is. Solution oriented.  Unlike talk therapies SBC does not dig through the clients past but instead focuses on God's intent which has already been working in the client.  Clients and counselors work together to uncover that intent and strengthen what is already working and build upon it. SBC is conducted in 4 to 6 sessions depending on the needs of the client with monthly follow up.  

THE LEGACIES WORKSHOP  Legacies is Sentinels own tool for examining your life and breaking free of the past.  We believe we are the result of our own shortcomings and the shortcomings of others which wounded us.  The workshop helps us understand how brokenness leads to spiritual stalemate. Its conducted in a safe environment for those who are ready to commence a new "legacy" in their walk with Christ or have hit a spiritual plateau.  See More  

Colorado Churches:  If your looking for a fellowship and don't know where to start here are some local churches we feel comfortable with and have had enough contact with to be able to make a recommendation.  If you live in an area where none of our churches are relevant we would be more than happy to link you with a church in your area and arrange for contact between you and a local pastoral member to start things rolling.

 Living Undivided One of the most difficult 
 aspects of life is that it leaves us fragmented from each
 other. In this message you'll get and encouraging look into 
 what it looks like for the church to be able to say "I got 
 your back" and mean it with all the messiness that comes 
 with living with each other in an imperfect world.  Scott 
Nikel, Teaching Pastor at Flatirons Community Church
Lafayette shares. Make sure and stop by our podcast and hear
Scott and his dad discuss recovering from the legacy of divorce
in "Trail of Tears" at our Legacies Podcasts. You can the podcast
here as well as other podcasts focusing on the journey of trying to following hard in Jesus steps.