I'm Not Your Conscience

Intruding on Anothers Conscience!

Posted by jimgrier on January 23, 2015

Pledge Principal 2

I am not anyone’s Holy Spirit or Conscience.  I will allow God's Spirit to work through me to elevate others to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ by how I live, how I conduct myself in life and how I speak.


John 14: 26

John 16: 13-14

Psalm 51


One of my dearest friends is a pastor in California. We’ve known each other for over 28 years.  Mark was sharing recently how long he wrestled with the feeling of obligation to impact and penetrate into the lives of others in the course of ministry and as a professing Christian.  “I finally came to the point where I realized I didn’t have to change anyone,” he said. “That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.

His words stuck with me and I remembered well similar occasions where I stepped out in some type of faith or service and because I didn’t get the expected reaction I was dismayed.  It caused a lot of grief for sure.  What I didn’t realize was I was creating unnecessary anxiety by “stepping on the toes” of the Spirit and I didn’t even know I was doing it!

We’re each promised the Spirit as a follower of Christ, and the work of the Spirit reveals the areas and circumstances of our life individually we need to address as God writes His book on our life,  (another phrase borrowed from a friend). We are never burdened while trying to live our life in the world with the responsibility of changing people’s minds.  It’s fruitless if you’ve ever tried it, and usually backfires.  We have no idea the burdens carried by our fellow man but God’s Spirit does and knows completely the circumstances of our lives.

“For who knows the Spirit of a man except the spirit which is within him…” writes Paul in the second chapter of 1st Corinthians!  Indeed, if you’re like me you have a hard enough time figuring out your own thoughts!  What a relief it is to know that all God asks us to do is be His witnesses and not turn every contact into a four point sermon on salvation!  How exhausting!  As a follower of Christ you already stick out because the Spirit “indwells you.”  There’s a time undoubtedly you be pressed to share the most important relationship in your life is your life with Christ.  That can be shared in multiple ways and I’ve found unique to the situation but only fruitful if it’s authentic.  Authenticity in our walk is the yoke Jesus shares.  It’s not meant to be a legalistic burden.  It’s meant to reflect the water of life that quenches real thirst.  If someone’s on your heart you believe the Lord wants you to reach out to, ask God to help you with the right words, the right attitude.   He’ll show up and make the opportunity happen naturally not forced.

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